Dr. Courtney Ridley
I became interested in the Wiley protocol in May 2005 when I heard a CD of a lecture that Susie gave at ACAM.

I was very intrigued and purchased Sex, Lies and Menopause.  After reading the book, it became clear why I had an increasing number of patients who were not doing well on static dosing of replacement therapy.

I had been questioning why replacement programs traditionally prescribed were losing their effectiveness and in some cases generating significant imbalances that resulted in abnormal development of the lining of the uterus or excessive stimulation of the breast.  Susie’s discussion of receptor activity is intuitive and correct.  I have now been treating an increasing number of patients with the Wiley protocol. I have had increasing success and have very satisfied patients who appreciate the fact that they are back in synchrony with their natural rhythm.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to provide this alternative to women.  I also serve a special group of women in the transgendered community and have found this an extremely effective tool in their feminization process.

I have pledged my life to the care of women.  I have great fear that the mainstream entities are trying to deny women access to care that will improve and lengthen their lives.  For 50 years, we have done hormone replacement poorly. The Women’s Health Initiative showed this.  But, instead of learning from our mistakes and moving on to protocols that are more effective and safer, we have decided to overreact and deny women therapies that will enhance the quality of their lives.  My hope is that my colleagues will allow themselves to ask the appropriate questions, seek out the answers and come to the same conclusions that I have about what represents the optimum hormone replacement strategies.  I think the Wiley protocol will change the way we care for women.  I am tickled to be a part of the revolution and to be on this growing team of providers whose focus is the care and nurturing of women.  I would encourage all women to discuss this with their doctors and if they won’t listen to seek out those of us who will.


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