Wiley Protocol Sparc™ Therapy

The Wiley Protocol SparcSeasonal Pulsatile Adrenal ReCalibration; Proprietary Cortisol Blend. Sparc Re-establishes Day Light Pulsitility Of Cortisol

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland in response to a call from the pituitary. Normal stress and aging deteriorate this 4 times-a-day pulse from brain to adrenals. Reestablishing this wave function enhances sleep at night and day-light hours energy, as well as addressing joint pain and anxiety.

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Wiley Protocol Sparc comes as yellow compounded capsules containing the Wiley Protocol proprietary bioidentical Cortisol replacement with a dosing schedule prescribed by the sun.

This Wiley Protocol is available from select doctors and Wiley Protocol Registered Pharmacies™. All Wiley Protocol's are individually standardized, compounded naturally and made with FDA approved pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  Each comes in color-coded applicators and bags and directions for easy use. A personal calendar is used for a rhythmic dosage scheduling. Dosing instructions are provided on the packaging of all Wiley Protocol's.


The Wiley Protocol System For Providers And Pharmacists

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