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Our mission in this newsletter is to inform health care professionals about biomimetic hormone replacement therapy, otherwise known as bio-identical hormones and to promote healthy aging and optimal patient management.

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What Happens to Night Shift Workers?
T.S. Wiley notes, “Electricity not only gave us cheap, renew-able, unending light; it gave us the means to control all of nature, plants and animals alike”. Artificial lighting, as discussed in Lights Out, Sleep, Sugar and Survival, is responsible for most of mankind’s diseases today.

We thank Dr. Greg Blaney for the following article.

Working the graveyard shift can increase the risk of developing diabetes via two separate mechanisms, according to research published in Science Translation Medicine today (April 11). The study, which followed 21 patients over the course of 3 weeks in a controlled laboratory setting, revealed that the double whammy of sleep deprivation and a sleep/wake schedule that’s out of sync with the body’s internal biological clock reduced the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas as well as the insulin sensitivity of various organs and tissues.

The results provide a potential mechanism to explain a growing body of epidemiological data that indicates shift workers are at an increased risk of weight gain, metabolic abnormalities, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, among other disorders. In 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) even classified shift work as a probable carcinogen, due to accumulating evidence that disruptions to the circadian rhythm increased the risk of developing certain cancers.

“There is always a question as to whether or not the effects of shift work are due to sleep effects or whether they’re due to changes in the way clocks in the body maintain their synchrony to changes in the environment,” says Joseph Bass, an endocrinologist at Northwestern University who was not involved in the study. “What this study is trying to do in a novel way is to get at that separation”—and it found that both factors play a role... Read More

No More PSA Tests?
Men should no longer receive a routine blood test to check for prostate cancer because the test does more harm than good, a top-level government task force has concluded in a final recommendation that immediately became controversial.

The recommendation Mon-day from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force runs counter to two decades of medical practice in which many primary-care physicians give the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test to healthy middle-aged men.

But after reviewing scientific evidence, the task force concluded that such testing will help save the life of just one in 1,000 men.

At the same time, the test steers many more men who would never die of prostate cancer toward unnecessary surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, the task force concluded.

For every man whose life is saved by PSA testing, another one will develop a dangerous blood clot, two will have heart attacks and 40 will become impotent or incontinent because of unnecessary treatment, the task force said... Read More

Why New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines Will Be a Tough Sell.
Recent recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) advising elimination of routine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening for prostate cancer in healthy men are likely to encounter serious pushback from primary care physicians, according to results of a survey by Johns Hopkins investigators.

In a survey of 125 primary care doctors, the researchers found that while doctors agreed with older recommendations to curtail routine screening in men over age 75 and among those not expected to live 10 or more years, a large number said they faced significant barriers to stopping PSA testing in men who had been receiving it regularly. The most frequently cited reason by 74.4 percent of physicians was, "My patients expect me to continue getting yearly PSA tests," followed by 66 percent of them who said, "It takes more time to explain why I'm not screening than to just continue screening." More than half of those surveyed in the new study believed that, "By not ordering a PSA, it puts me at risk for malpractice."

The survey was conducted in November 2011, right after draft recommendations were made to end routine screening of all men, but before last week, when the draft recommendations were officially approved.

"It can be very difficult for doctors to break down the belief that all cancer screening tests are invariably good for all people all the time," says Craig E. Pollack, M.D., M.H.S., an assistant professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and leader of the study published online in the journal Cancer. "Everyone agrees that PSA screening isn't as good as we want it to be. If we had a test that was a slam dunk, it would be different. But now we know that for many men, the benefits may be small and the harms significant."

Each year, more than 33,000 American men die of prostate cancer, and 20 million get the PSA test to detect the disease early... Read More

nl_shift_work_teens_linked Trying to Get Pregnant? It’s Not Just about your Biological Clock.
In her book, "Lights Out, Sleep, Sugar and Survival", T.S. Wiley notes, "By altering the rhythms of light and dark exposure, we have literally altered the spin of the earth as far as our minds and bodies record it. Mankind now can control the night and as a result, this seemingly simple change removed the seasonal cues for the timing of sleeping, eating and breeding. And since we are all connected, this does not just affect the human world but the entire animal kingdom in whole. Now you can hear birds chirping in the middle of night where they should be sleeping."

A new Northwestern University study shows that the biological clock is not the only clock women trying to conceive should consider. The circadian clock needs attention, too.

Epidemiological studies have shown female shift workers, such as nurses, and female flight attendants who work on long-distance east-west routes (i.e., those with constant jet lag) have fertility and menstrual issues. They are habitually out of sync with the external light cycle. But the role circadian rhythm disruption may play in their reproductive problems is a poorly studied area.

Research led by Northwestern circadian rhythm expert Fred W. Turek now draws a clear line between disrupted circadian rhythms and reproductive physiology. Turek and his colleagues are the first to show that if you disrupt the circadian clock environmentally in mice, with repeated changes in their light-dark cycles, there are problems with pregnancy outcomes.

And the effect can be dramatic. The researchers found evidence suggesting the severity of circadian disruption may be linked to the severity of pregnancy disruption: mice subjected to advances of the light-dark cycle had greater circadian clock disruption and lower reproductive success. This group's pregnancy success rate was only 22 percent... Read More

What Increases a Woman’s Risk of Breast Cancer by 40%?
In her book, "Lights Out, Sleep, Sugar and Survival", T.S. Wiley notes, "By altering the rhythms of light and dark exposure, we have literally altered the spin of the earth as far as our minds and bodies record it. Mankind now can control the night and as a result, this seemingly simple change removed the seasonal cues for the timing of sleeping, eating and breeding. And since we are all connected, this does not just affect the human world but the entire animal kingdom in whole. Now you can hear birds chirping in the middle of night where they should be sleeping."

Women who work night shifts are at higher risk of breast cancer, warn researchers.

Their findings suggest working at night increases the chances of the disease by 40 per cent.

Women working more than two night shifts a week have double the risk of those on day shifts, says a report from scientists, while night workers who also describe themselves as ‘morning people’ or ‘larks’ have a stronger risk than those who say they are ‘night owls’.

Experts believe a hormone in the body that potentially suppresses tumours may be disrupted by constant exposure to light during night-time hours.

There has been mounting evidence that night shifts might boost cancer risk because of the disruption to the body clock and hormone production.

The latest study, backed by the Danish Cancer Society, involved more than 18,500 women working for the Danish army between 1964 and 1999.

Researchers were able to contact 210 women out of a total of 218 who had breast cancer between 1990 and 2003 and who were still alive in 2005/06... Read More

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Wiley Protocol Provider Carola Cuenca, ND practices in Los Angeles, CA. She discusses why she disagrees with statically dosed hormones and uses the Wiley Protocol instead.
“I didn’t believe in static dosing of hormones for women because I felt it wasn’t a normal way of taking them since women fluctuate with the cycles of the moon and nature. Women never have the same amount of hormones released in their bodies every day. It just didn’t seem right. In addition my patients didn’t get better on statically dosed hormones and they weren’t menstruating, which I believe is necessary in order to be healthy. In 2006, Rey Lauden from Lauden’s pharmacy invited me to a lecture for women he was sponsoring with T.S.Wiley as the speaker. I was quite intrigued by the “rhythmic concept” and wanted to learn more. A few years later I attended your Two Days Back on Earth conference in Glendale, CA. and believed that this was the correct way to prescribe hormones to women.

I started telling my patients to read, Sex, Lies, and Menopause. Each woman came back saying it resonated with them and this is what they wanted to do. They were still complaining of insomnia, irritability, feeling bloated and the rest of the menopausal symptoms on the static hormones.

I put most of my peri and menopausal women on Wiley. Being a female ND, I don’t see any men.

One of my patients, who came to me at 66 yrs old, originally on static hormones, went on Wiley four years ago. Within two months she had her period back which she was very happy about. She presented with serious osteopenia, all of the menopause symptoms and was hypo-thyroid. I worked with her for two years, adjusting her regularly, and she became completely stable without any thyroid hormone. Her bone density is now perfect and she’s doing exceptionally well. She’s an artist, she paints, she hikes, and she’s energetic again. She was on a huge amount of herbs and supplements with her statically hormones. Now she’s only on Wiley and a few vitamins.

Another one of my patients is a photographer who was out of gas. Now on the Wiley Protocol she’s shooting weddings every weekend, which is a lot of work. She said if she wasn’t on Wiley she wouldn’t be able to do this work and still keep up. She is amazed at her consistent energy level and really pleased and feels like a ‘girl’ again.

I've been on the Wiley Protocol for 2 1/2 years and the energy I use for my work and my daily workouts has increased tremendously giving me a feeling of wholeness and well being.

I’m very grateful to T.S. Wiley for her fabulous work for all women.”

Interview with a Wiley Protocol Provider:
We asked Dr. Patricia Ryan, MD who practices in Omaha, NE how she found out about the Wiley Protocol and why she has chosen the Wiley Protocol as her preferred BHRT method for her 700 patients, which she has been prescribing for over six years. In addition she shared with us a few of her successful Wiley stories.

“I had been prescribing static/linear doses of bio-identicals since 1993 following the teachings of Dr. Nordthrup, Dr. Wright and Dr. Schwartzbein. The problem was I could never get it right with my patients. I was never quite comfortable with these doses because they never made any sense to me. However at the time it was all that we had available to us.

It was in 2006 that I was introduced to the Wiley Protocol through one of my patients. I called up one of our local pharmacists to ask him if he had heard of this. It piqued his interest enough that he set up a three-way conference call with T. S. Wiley, that lasted two hours, as she explained to me in depth all about her protocol alleviating all of the concerns I had. It was right after this conversation that I came to your first Two Days Back on Earth conference in February 2007. This conference was so eye-opening to me, that as I got off of the plane, I took a deep sigh of relief, feeling like I had finally got it right. I felt good that the labs matched the research and it all matched what was happening in the patient’s bodies. Before the Wiley Protocol it was very difficult to try and figure out how to dose women. The Wiley Protocol is woman’s ‘God Given Rhythm’, it makes sense and it works.

The more I learned about hormones the more I realized that hormones in a physiologic range are essential for the body to function properly. If hormones are too high or too low you get deranged physiological function.

I believe the reason for the success of this protocol is its ability to bring women back to normal physiological ranges, so I can monitor my patients better. I’ve seen reversal of osteoporosis, reversal of high cholesterol, zero blood clotting problems, people returning to a normal sex life, their memories improving and an overall better results with this protocol than anything else.

I had a 60 year old woman who presented with a history of osteoporosis with a -4.2. bone density. She was afraid to do hormones because her mother had breast cancer. She had been on Effexor for 10 years. Within in two years on the protocol her bone density increased over 30%. I found that truly amazing. I’m finding 30% reversal within two years on this protocol in all but two of my patients. I find this incredible!!

Another female patient, about 58, with a history of psychiatric problems on four different psyche meds which weren’t working at all as she just wasn’t functioning. Her daughter brought her into me and she was a mess. I found that just with the Wiley Protocol and some basic nutrition, within four – six months she was able to get off all but one of these meds.

A 60 year old woman presented in my office with incredible fatigue. She was only able to stand up for an hour a day. She was exhausted, had diarrhea, was nauseated, and she was losing weight because she couldn’t keep down anything she was eating. She was hypo-thyroid, she was on some static low dose hormones and her adrenals were shot. I had to gain her trust because she was afraid of hormones. When I started her on the WP, Wiley thyroid and cortisol, she had a complete turnaround. She was now up for 5-6 hours straight with a little rest. This was a huge change in her life. I have a lot of male patients on the Wiley Protocol for Men. They are not as patient or as compliant as women. My men are happy, they feel good, they’re happy with their sex lives, their brains are working well, and they have better recovery from their work-outs. People don’t seem to understand how important hormones are in their lives. I don’t care how good your nutrition is, without hormones people are just not going to get better.

In my practice my main focus is putting together toxicology, nutrition and hormones, yet there’s something that I haven’t heard anyone else talk about yet. I believe that all of the lead that we ingest, whether from the air, water or our food, gets stored in out bones. Plus it’s ubiquitous in our environment. I believe that when people lose their hormones and start dumping calcium out of their bones, they are also dumping lead, which is going to get redistributed all over their bodies.

I do a heavy metal challenge test that is conducted by giving a dose of DMSA and EDTA and collecting the urine to look for heavy metals to get a better idea of the body burden. It is known that lead interferes with Vitamin D metabolism, and I am also concerned about this connection between lead and osteoporosis. Dr Garry Gordon has done a lot of work on lead. It would be nice to see what he thinks.

I have been watching my patient population for over six years on the Wiley Protocol. This year was the first year my patient’s winter hormone levels were stable. Usually we have very cold winters, and this year, we didn’t have any winter to speak of. Normally levels shoot up in the freezing cold. I plan on looking at this seasonality piece more in the future.

- Mike Adams

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Lights Out By T.S. Wiley Sex Lies And Menopause By T.S. Wiley
Lights Out
This fascinating, thought-provoking study discusses the central role of sleep in our lives. After probing the scientific literature, T.S. Wiley and Formby, researchers at the Sansum Medical Research Institute, conclude that, "the disastrous slide in the health of the American people corresponds to the increase in light-generating night activities and the carbohydrate consumption that follows.



Sex Lies and Menopause
Turning thirty years of medical and cultural wisdom on its head, Sex, Lies, and Menopause challenges both the medical establishment and modern feminists to prove that menopause does not have to be deadly.


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